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The three-pillar approach we take in our communities when it comes to engagement, holistic health and wellness, and convenience ultimately drives better health outcomes for our customers. Our commitment to providing value as a partner results in a profitable, growth-oriented relationship. We currently work with:

  • Healthcare organizations. Integrate with our ordering system to offer prescription delivery and order fulfillment as a part of your brand.
  • Employers. Generate better health outcomes for your employees and health benefits plan savings for your bottom line. Shop for PPE and get discounted bulk pricing for your organization.
  • Benefits providers. The cost of prescription medications is one of the most expensive components of a group benefit plan. We provide convenient, accessible, and cost-effective solutions.
  • Pharmacies. Expand your reach and grow your revenue by joining the DrugSmart Network Pharmacy Program.
  • Academic institutions. We'll work with you to better the health of your students, staff, and faculty. We pride ourselves on a holistic and engaged approach to campus environments, and work closely with your existing health services and allied health professionals.

We have long-standing industry relationships with vendors resulting in pricing that is better than market. With over 40 years of industry knowledge and a proven ability to foster relationships with community physicians, providers, and allied health professionals, we guarantee you'll love the results of our partnership.

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