bloom balance healing ear seeds

Specially crafted beads to heal and balance body and mind.


How do these magical seeds work?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is believed to be a representation of the entire body as a whole. There are dozens of points on the ear that correspond to different areas and functions of the body - such as the gut, brain, and heart. Applying a little pressure to these points with a small ionized seed can stimulate the flow of energy, creating balance and wellness throughout the body.

How do you apply them?

Choose a relief ritual or specific points that speak to you and your body. Peel the seed from the paper backing. Place it on the desired ear point. Press gently to fix to the ear. Let the healing begin!


comes with 6 everyday healing rituals

Our relief rituals are customized to balance both the body and mind. Whether you need relief from pain or discomfort, are seeking mental and emotional clarity or are just craving a moment of mindfulness, these rituals will help you heal, flourish, and bloom - helping you feel your best self.

Included in each ear seed kit is an educational, easy to follow, illustrative relief rituals guide of healing acupressure points commonly stimulated to help relieve a variety of conditions.

 be calm for stress | be still for better sleep| be gone for headache relief | be happy for depression | be balanced for body pain | fertility for conception


easy to use

Because we understand how busy life can get, our products are easy to use and apply meaning you won’t have to fuss around or learn a new skill. Follow the relief rituals in your kit and ta-da...let the healing begin!

research-driven, tried and tested

Our relief rituals healing guides bring together the years of knowledge and experience of our incredible team of wellness practitioners. Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and backed by several re-search trials, our products have been shown to provide relief for common conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and pain.

stays on for days

Place, press and heal - it’s as easy as that! The adhesive used on our healing ear seeds is strong enough to stay on for up to 5 days. Gently press on the ear seeds throughout the day to give yourself a boost of energy!

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